Cheese Board, Lazy Susan, Marble, Wine Glass -

So you've just invited all of your friends to a dinner party at your new house or apartment. You've finished unpacking everything and added all your little decor pieces to make it feel like home. But what about your food? Good food can make or break your party. How you display that food is almost as important as how it tastes.   By adding a few luxury-style items to your kitchen arsenal, you can bring your snacks from casual get together fashion, to fancy five-star restaurant style in seconds. Our functional kitchen accessories not only work great but they look great...

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citrus, essential oil, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, peppermint -

With the growing interest in natural home remedies, essential oils are at the forefront of the movement. Essential oils have been used to help with everything from headache to dry skin. Some of the science behind these natural remedies has been shown to be inconclusive but anecdotal evidence has shown at least some change. Besides helping with ailments, vaporizing essential oils using a diffuser or other method still acts as a natural air deodorizer. The fresh herb scents create an organic smell in your home that doesn’t disturb your senses like harmful chemical sprays do.   Jodhpuri offers a wide...

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