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With the growing interest in natural home remedies, essential oils are at the forefront of the movement. Essential oils have been used to help with everything from headache to dry skin. Some of the science behind these natural remedies has been shown to be inconclusive but anecdotal evidence has shown at least some change. Besides helping with ailments, vaporizing essential oils using a diffuser or other method still acts as a natural air deodorizer. The fresh herb scents create an organic smell in your home that doesn’t disturb your senses like harmful chemical sprays do.


Jodhpuri offers a wide variety of essential oils made from organic herbs and plants so you can be sure you have the highest quality product in your home. Of course with all natural aides, you should consult your doctor before use and see if these options are right for you. What works for some doesn’t always work for others.



Our first essential oil on this list is the beautiful purple herb that is native to Northern Africa and parts of the Mediterranean. This herb has been used for years to aid with a variety of different health issues. Simply smelling lavender is shown to lower the amount of stress hormones in your blood. 1 People have been using lavender as a way to curb insomnia issues, going so far as to put lavender flowers in their pillow. Along with the possible sedating effects, it seems to show some signs of antibacterial and antifungal effects. 2 Oil diffusers can be found at a variety of stores and online such as the VicTsing Diffuser on Amazon for only $16. Be careful not to ingest essential oils as they can be toxic.



Upset stomach after a bad meal or from sickness? Hold off on all those chemical medications that help relieve indigestion. 3 Peppermint essential oils vapor can help aid in easing your stomach. Stomach issues aren’t the only health issues this oil helps with. Inhalation of peppermint oil vapors has been shown to treat symptoms of colds, such as a persistent cough. This essential oil is also great for your mind! Breathing peppermint essential oil vapor is even said to increase your mental acuity!



Flowers are blooming and the daily pollen count is on the rise. Spring is just around the corner and many people will suffer from allergies. Breathing in some Eucalyptus Oil Vapor is great for alieving some of the strain on your breathing and congestion. 4 This remedy is perfect for people suffering from ailments such as bronchitis and asthma. Your sinuses will surely thank you for using one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to fighting against harmful bacteria.



Orange you glad this is the last essential oil on the list? Sorry about that. A normally delicious addition to our fight against colds is on our list of essential oils! Orange essential oils may be tempting to eat but should not be consumed. But don’t be afraid, it is perfectly healthy to breathe the vapor. Orange is known to increase our bodies absorption of vitamin C, an essential (oh boy) vitamin for helping our bodies develop a stronger immune system! 5





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